Getting out of the office?
Don’t forget your data.


It was once the heart of your business. But you and your employees have realised you can work safely and productively from, well, anywhere really. And the office you once commuted to? Still an expense but standing mostly empty – except for the data you’re storing inside.

Your business and your employees have relocated out of the city, out of industrial parks and out of converted barns. Now, let’s move your data, too. Somewhere more secure – and cost-effective. With lots of space and great service.

We’ve got just the place.

This is the Bunker – the perfect location for colocation. Here, you can store data off-site and manage it remotely. On two sites close to Newbury and Kent, the Bunker offers:

1. Resilient and ultra-fast connectivity to make sure your servers and apps are available whenever and wherever you need them
2. Cost-effective data storage priced only for what you use
3. The space to scale up or down to suit your needs
4. Great service, including 24/7 security and optional hardware management
5. The utterly unique, highly secure and totally brag-worthy setting of a nuclear bunker


Rent only the data centre space you need, with colocation from Cyberfort. And scale your infrastructure to deliver better customer experiences – without the high cost of entry. Download the factsheet to learn more or get in touch to book a virtual viewing below.